Glenn Miller

Film & Video productions has been in business since 1990. Our company has built a strong reputation throughout the industry for high quality work. Let us add VIDEO & FILM to your web site. Check out our Ad: http://www.yout...h?v=rq6Gubb2okw
An Ode to Shopping Malls
Farewell, pleasure palaces of days past. A filmmaker’s series chronicles a way of life as it reaches its end.... more

First Person: How an American in London Learned to Fear the ASBO
Unruly pets, vocal sex, Fleetwood Mac turned up loud: In Britain, any of these can get you tagged as a public nuisance.... more

Digital Artist Yung Jake Scores With Emoji Portraits
Darling of YouTube and the art world circuit, he hits his stride with pointillist celebrity portraits made from emoji.... more

The Luxury Arms Race: Michael Kors and Coach Target Takeovers
As sales decline in the middle of the fashion market, two of its big players are looking elsewhere for expansion.... more

Modern Love: Modern Love Podcast: Alex Karpovsky Reads ‘Uh, Honey, That’s Not Your Line’
On this week’s podcast, the “Girls” actor reads Matteson Perry’s story of trying to turn his love life into an indie movie.... more

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